Legal Services Tailored to Your Needs


Wood Nichols Pearce, LLC is a nimble three-attorney team that handles business and real estate transactions, estate and wealth transfer planning, and litigation. We offer our clients focused and effective legal solutions and strategies, with a high level of individualized attention.  Our streamlined business model enables us to tailor our legal services and strategies to meet the particular needs and goals of each of our clients. See client reviews.

We work with clients that include: large and small businesses, commercial property owners, real estate developers, first time homeowners, landlords, tenants, homeowners’ associations and water associations.

In a traditional, hierarchical law firm, a client may need to go through several layers of legal employees before getting the advice of a senior partner. This model increases the time it takes for a client to get legal advice. Our streamlined law firm structure gives you a direct line to us. We see the attorney/client relationship as a dynamic partnership where information and ideas flow freely between us and our clients.

Joslyn V. Wood’s legal practice focuses on transactional work for private investors, non-profits and large and small businesses. She has practiced in the Roaring Fork Valley since 1996. 

Kelcey C. Nichols is an experienced litigator who also has a transactional practice. She works with property owners, businesses, homeowners’ associations and water associations. She is a native of Colorado who grew up in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Caroline Bess Pearce specializes in the practice of estate and wealth transfer planning for high net worth individuals and families, helping clients develop a thoughtful and sophisticated estate plan that integrates family values with your personal, business, and tax goals.

If you need are seeking legal advice, please contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your legal needs and determine if we are the right fit for you or your business.

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